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What's Happening in Specialty Lines: Part 3, EPL

In our third and final episode devoted to Specialty Lines, Charlie and his guest, Jackie LaRock of RT Specialty, have discussed the impact of Covid and other market conditions on Cyber Liability, Public and Private D&O and lastly, Employment Practices Liability. All three lines have seen increases in rates and retention, combined in many cases with a lowering of limits, and more of this business has moved to the non-admitted, E&S space. In this ever-hardening market, it is important for agents to understand the underlying impacts on these Specialty Lines and to educate and prepare their clients for them.

What's Happening in Specialty Lines: Part 2, D&O

Part 2 is here! If you missed the first episode in this mini-series be sure to go back and listen as Charlie Venus explores 3 key Specialty Lines with Jackie LaRock, Executive VP at RT Specialty. In this episode, Jackie discusses the ongoing hardening of the market for D&O, especially for public D&O. Jackie explains the three components of a D&O policy and how COVID-19 and other factors have affected the marketplace.

What’s Happening in Specialty Lines: Part 1, Cyber

You won’t want to miss this three-part episode of Charlie’s Corner as he and his guest, RT Specialty’s EVP, Jackie LaRock, discuss the impact of Covid-19 on Cyber Liability, Public & Private D&O, and Employment Liability coverages. Join us this week to start with the topic of Cyber Liability.

Selling as a Puzzle Instead of a Zero-sum Game Part 2

Last week we released part one of our podcast episode with Ian Altman. This week we are back and better than ever. Ian Altman dives right into a tool called the Client Vision Pyramid. This tool can be implemented immediately and will help shorten your sales cycle. Same Side Selling’s co-author brings an energy and optimism that you won't want to miss.

Selling as a Puzzle Instead of a Zero-sum Game

Co-Author of sales coaching book Same Side Selling, Ian Altman, is on air this week with Charlie Venus in part 1 of a 2-part series. In this episode of Charlie's Corner, Ian dives into why insurance producers should think of the sales process as a puzzle instead of a zero-sum game. For more practical steps on how to sell without creating a winners and losers dynamic, listen to this week's episode. Don't forget to come back next week for part two of this episode.

Texting made EZ with EZLynx

We all know who Alexa and Siri are, but have you heard about EVA? If not, be sure to tune into this week’s episode with Shaun McNeill from EZLynx. Communicating with insureds to get them what they need when they need it is a surefire way to keep customers happy. Shaun’s episode will have you thinking of new ways to use the customer contact tools that should be on your toolbelt.

Engaging and Retaining the Connected Consumer

Stuart Ganis of marketing and management software provider ITC joins us on the podcast this week to highlight why it is important for independent insurance agents to stay connected and meet their customers where they want to be met. Stuart makes sure to point out that it’s not too late to get on the technology bandwagon.

Insurance Producer or Risk Manager? (Part 2)

In part two of this episode, Scott continues to engage us as he compares an insurance agent’s process to that of a medical doctor. He also recommends meeting with a local risk manager to compare notes and gain inspiration. In this section of the podcast, Scott invites Iroquois member agencies to use the free tools his company has put into place, including assessments on Sales Leadership, Producer Growth and Organic Growth. This and so much more can be gleaned from part 2 with Scott Addis.

Insurance Producer or Risk Manager?

Scott Addis, of Beyond Insurance joins us for a two-part episode. In section one, we review the 5 steps process to risk management. Insurance agents listening in will also learn how to avoid falling into the perception trap. Scott urges agents to ask themselves: “what makes me different and what is my story?”

Tech Tools make Managing During a Pandemic Easier

We are joined by one of Iroquois’ member agencies, Alex Sze, of Century Max Insurance in Flushing, N.Y., this week. Alex’s agency is located at what was ground zero in the beginning months of the pandemic. From closely watching the numbers in February to shifting how the agency operated in the following months, Century Max Insurance leaned on tech tools to help it navigate the turbulent waters of the pandemic well.

Understanding The Hartford’s Middle Market

Tracey Ant, the SVP and Head of Field Sales and Execution at The Hartford, sits down with trusted advisor Charlie Venus to discuss their capabilities and appetite in Middle Market. Tracey also discusses what changes can be expected as we head into 2021. Consistency and efficiency are at the core of this episode, and both are well represented when dealing with The Hartford.

An Insider's Guide to What's Changing in Small Commercial

A major player in Small Commercial joins us on the Trusted Advisor podcast this week. Matt Kirk, SVP and Chief Sales and Distribution Officer for Small Commercial at The Hartford, discusses trends in small commercial, how The Hartford and its many small commercial customers are responding to the pandemic, and the evolving relationship between agents and their small commercial clients.

Don’t Call it the New Normal - A COVID Conversation with Dr. Cornelius

Dr. Erin Cornelius joins the Trusted Advisor Podcast again to check back in on our COVID-19 mental health. With her refreshing attitude and relatable examples, this COVID conversation will resonate with everyone. She also addresses how leaders can make the workplace a less stressful environment as businesses wrestle with the fatigue their employees are experiencing.

Are you Harnessing the Power of the Web?

Owner and Founder of Forge3, Jeff Teschke, sits down with The Iroquois Trusted Advisor to talk about how important good websites are for independent agencies. Jeff and his team have built an insurance agency website platform that attracts leads and simplifies customer services for independent insurance agencies of all shapes and sizes. Learn how teaming up with an expert can help your agency harness the power of the web to build your business and educate and engage your customers.

On the Job with Ken Bull

This episode comes to you from the Trusted Advisor Vault. Recorded before the world crashed into a pandemic, Ken Bull gives us a look into the daily life of an Iroquois Regional Manager. Join us as Ken shares his secrets for creating great long-term relationships between our Carriers and our Members.

How to put the Count into Accountability for Yourself and your Team

If you need an extra boost of energy in your office, to say nothing of an accountability partner, listen in to this week’s podcast. Sheldon Snodgrass, owner of SteadySales.com joins the Trusted Advisor to share his five-piece, accountability toolkit for any growth journey. We cover how to avoid analysis paralysis as well as how to manage accountability for personal and professional goals alike.

Charlie's Corner Shines a Spotlight on CNA Part 2

Charlie Venus is joined by CNA’s Senior VP and COO of Middle Market and by their Senior VP of Customer Segments as they continue their two-part conversation. Last week, we discussed how CNA defines and manages Middle Market business as well as how the Middle Market has been affected by the pandemic. In part 2 this week, we learn about the critical role reinsurance plays in underwriting decisions and how COVID-19 has impacted the reinsurance market.

Charlie’s Corner shines a spotlight on CNA

On this episode of Charlie’s Corner, Charlie explores CNA’s successes in Middle Market with its two key leaders, Julie Stephenson and Dieter Korte. Listen in as they discuss how CNA approaches Middle Market risks, and learn more about rate and profitability trends, the impact of COVID-19, the role of reinsurance and much more.

From zero to $50 Million in 4 years

The Trusted Advisor is speaking to one of our very own Regional Managers this week. Cameron Cardinal joins us from down the Mississippi River, in Louisiana to be exact. Back in 2016, The Iroquois Group had 0 members in the state, and we are now growing 37 healthy and long-term member relationships. Join us to learn how we went from zero to $50 Million in 4 years.

A Big Talk with The Big I

Charlie Venus is joined by Bob Rusbuldt, President and CEO of The Big I. Together they cover everything from the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance industry, to agency’s digital transformation, to how to get new talent into your independent agency. You won’t want to miss Bob’s year in review.

Covenant Not to Compete vs Non Piracy Clause

Iroquois’ in-house counsel Janine Fodor is back in the studio with the Trusted Advisor Podcast to review the main differences between a covenant not to compete and a non-piracy clause, and outline the reasons one may be more enforceable. She will also discuss the importance of understanding what contracts a potential new employee might have in place.

The Impact of Social Inflation

Charlie Venus joins the Trusted Advisor once more as a guest before taking on a hosting role. If as an agent, you have been struggling to explain the increase in liability costs to your clients this episode will help guide a constructive conversation. Charlies suggests you lead with examples and think about educating the clients first and foremost.

Accounting Do's and Don'ts

Everyone loves to be paid, and it’s even better when it is the right amount. Insurance agencies don’t always have an accountant on staff but it’s critical to place this task in the right hands. Virginia Bates is this week’s guest and she joins us with years of agency experience. Listen in as she educates us about common, but serious, mistakes agencies can make in their accounting.

How to keep the Social in Social Media

Carol Cole of XS Brokers thought she was applying only for the open marketing rep role at XS Brokers. However, after a brief mention of their social media page in her interview she quickly became the point person for all of XS Brokers social media landing pages. Carol’s social media journey will resonate with just about anyone. With no formal training but an eye for what is interesting Carol has gained a loyal follower base for her company.

Mining your Data to Power-up your Business

If your agency has been looking for a way to get more out of the data you collect, look no further. Raution Jaiswal, Founder of InsuredMine joins the Trusted Advisor this week and fills us in on how data can drive business. From gaining insight on customer relations to seeing where opportunities lie in your current book of business, Raution shows us how you can use data to build your business.

Changing Agency Management Systems- What to Consider

Do you stay with what you know or entertain new options? Susan Sellberg, president of a six-location insurance agency, describes their company’s experience changing to a new agency management system, a move she describes as “jumping into the unknown.”  On this episode of the Trusted Advisor Podcast, we hear how she navigates the challenges involved in taking this big step. Listen in if you are looking for advice as you head “into the unknown”!

Specificity & Succeeding in Middle Markets

Navigating middle markets can be as confusing as defining the term "middle market" which can vary by agency, carrier, and region. Lucky for you, Charlie Venus joins us on this week's episode of the Trusted Advisor podcast to discuss keys to achieving success in this area. Listen in to hear how specificity can make a world of difference in capturing those middle market sales!

Live Oak Lending with Mike Strakhov

Michael Strakhov, from Live Oak Bank, joins us on the podcast with a comprehensive list for both sellers and buyers to think about before an acquisition. From tips like, “not all revenue is created equally” to “don’t wake up Monday and plan to sell on Tuesday,” Mike’s episode is full of actionable takeaways.

Are you Overexposed in the Cyber World?

As our dependence on technology increases, so does the risk of data exposure to hackers. Mike Hendrix, president of Both, Branch & Hendrix Agency in New York state, began his work on the frontier of technology protection 12 years ago. On this episode of the Trusted Advisor Podcast, he provides insight into the exposure of personal data and how you can protect your valuable information. Listen in to this episode if you are looking to put your technology fears to rest!

COVID-19's Impact on E&O

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented, and still evolving, impact on agency E&O claims. Chris Burand, E&O author and Certified Business Appraiser, provides some astonishing numbers and suggests some simple, but structured, ways to prevent E&O claims in the future.